A saunter from deepest darkest Cheshire to the big city to play a few songs at my favourite Manchester bar, the wonderfully geeky a Sci-Fi bar ‘Fab Cafe.’

The night, which comprised of 3 acoustic acts and 2 bands, was free entry and hosted/opened by all round top lass with the golden vocal chords Cherry Valentine. You can check out her music (and I recommend you do, it’s rather good!) here: https://www.facebook.com/CherryValentineMusic

Some other great acts were on, including local uke-wielder extraordinaire Marc Gallagher (www.marcgallaghermusic.com)

I played a short set of my own songs:

A Curious Cure

The Mask Slipped (debut!)

How the Other Half Lives

Sophie Draw

It was also nice to catch up with some old Mancland friends I’ve not seen in ages!

Thanks for the warm reception Fab fans!

From a fleeting visit to an epic 2 hour set next up, at Relish in Hartford (near Northwich), hopefully see you there!


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