Relish Every Moment

Tonight I was back at Relish Bar and Restaurant in Hartford Cheshire.

These restaurant gigs are a strange beast. You’re essentially ‘background music/muzak’ to people’s night out, rather than the focal point. As a songwriter, you pour your heart and soul into your ‘craft,’ so it can feel a bit demoralising to provide the backdrop and to have to play as quietly and inoffensively as possible.


But then, you also never know who’s truly listening or being stirred by what you’re doing either. There were certainly some appreciation shown by both the audience and the staff and the feedback was good.


It also gave me chance to try out some of my newer songs, practise some covers and try to remember my older songs over a period of over 2 1/2 hours non-stop playing – about 2 hours longer than my normal set and an exhaustive, exhausting but overall fun thing to do. And a couple of coppers towards hopefully saving up for some new equipment, which is sorely needed!


Here’s the epic set list I played tonight. Big thanks to the people of Hartford for the gig tonight 🙂 –

Time After Time (Cyndi Lauder Cover)

How the Other Half Lives


The Source

Tracks of My Tears (Smokey Robinson Cover)

She’s a Drug

You Can Go Your Own Way (Fleetwood Mac Cover)

What’s in a Word?

The Mask Slipped

It’s Like Falling In Love Again

All of Me (John Legend Cover)

I’m Just Gonna Be Me

You Can’t Keep a Good Man Down

Heart of Gold (Neil Young Cover)

A Subtle Shock

Her New Addiction

I am a Rock (Paul Simon Cover)

Holding Onto Life

Midnight Logic

Till the Day I Die


Being You

You Saved Me

Sophie Draw
And then I repeated the whole set!
Big thanks, and if you enjoyed it tonight, I’ll be playing again at Relish in a couple of months and it would be great to see you again!


One thought on “Relish Every Moment

  1. In that sort of setting, I would guess for everyone who made a point of giving you some positive feedback, I would think MANY more were thinking the same thing, so I’m sure you really impressed.
    Well done!

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