A Day in the Studio with ‘Brave New World’

I spent a fun day in the studio today, recording some bass and backing vocals for an upcoming ‘Brave New World’ E.P.

Producer Glyn setting up the studio for our session.

Producer Glyn Sutton is one of those creatives who really pours passion and natural skill into the songs he works on; with a labour of love that creates some amazing results from his brand new Colossus Studios in Crewe. We’ve worked with Glyn before, and I’m always impressed by how calmly and quickly he works – two traits that as an amateur producer myself I have yet to master!

Glyn working wonders in the control room!

The band all played their part well, and for vocalist/keyboardist Jenny it was particularly memorable as it was her first time recording with a band (not that you would know it as she nailed her keyboard and vocal parts in one take!)

The session was also videoed by cameraman Chris, for an upcoming music video to accompany the lead single of the E.P ‘Baby Blue’ (watch this space!

Cameraman Chris captures some of the recording for an upcoming music video.

I’m really looking forward to hearing the finished results, and it’s an honour to be part of it!
If you would like to follow the progress and release of the E.P, you can find Brave New World on Facebook.

Some more photos from a productive day!

I even tried my hand at some drumming today, recording some guide drums before Mike arrived!


One thought on “A Day in the Studio with ‘Brave New World’

  1. Tess

    What a wonderful post. It’s so nice to receive such positive feedback. I heard the track this afternoon and am so impressed with how effortless it sounds and it’s not even finished yet!

    Liked by 1 person

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