Chill(z) and Carry On – Live at Chillz Bar, Burslem

Every so often (and more often than I’d like to admit), you get those gigs where the elements seem inextricably stacked against you. Equipment breaks, lyrics are forgotten, atmosphere is low, you’re not at your best.

These occasions can be greeted with panic and despair, or laughed off and made the best of. Depending on my resilience on a given night, I can veer in either direction, and it’s not always certain which way I will go.
Tonight at Chilzz Bar in Burslem (Stoke on Trent) wasn’t in any way the most unlucky gig I’d had. The organisers, especially Terry from 6 Towns’ Radio were really friendly and supportive, the sound was good and the banter was flowing nicely. But my nerves were shot by a combination of the ‘first week back to work’ flatness, none of the people I’d invited being able to make it, and then the ultimate…my guitar breaking just as I was about to go on stage (and also to be broadcast live on local radio). The tuning peg on the ‘G’ snapped off and no amount of ‘ghetto fixing’ would put it right.

Most guitarists I’m sure will attest that the ‘G’ string is ALWAYS the string that causes issues. All innuendo aside, there’s just something about that 4th string down that gives guitarists headaches, from snapping to detuning throughout the set. It’s the problem child amongst the well behaved 6 strings, and does it’s best to challenge you from gig to gig!

But thankfully, and with a lot of moral support from Terry and co, the ‘resilient’ me was there this time, and I tuned the rest of my guitar down to the one unmovable string, gathered myself and played through 2 sets and an interview; which went something like this:

1. Alisha

2. She’s a Drug (Terry’s favourite)

3. I Am a Rock (Paul Simon cover)

4. How the Other Half Lives

– Interview –

5. Her New Addiction

6. Unafraid

7. Heart of Gold (Neil Young cover)

8. Im Just Gonna Be Me

In the end, it turned out to be a fun night, for all the potential problems, and I have to thank Terry and the team at 6 Towns Radio for that.


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