Charity Concert for Nepal Earthquake Victims at Nantwich Football Ground

Last night I played a very special concert for the Rotary Club of Nantwich, in association with the Rotary Club of the Himalayan Gurkhas at Nantwich Town Football Club to raise funds for victims of the tragic Nepal earthquakes.

Last night’s ‘office’ at Nantwich Football Club


I opened the night up with some instrumental music to welcome people as they came in.

Then it was the turn of Celtic band Vervain, who had travelled all the way from Cornwall to help out! They stormed the night with some pumping Irish folk music that the audience all loved.

Cornish folk band Vervain


I was up next, playing through the interval. It was not the first time I’ve been the support act for the raffle; which is of course mandatory in these sorts of occasions! I wasn’t quite sure what sort of set to do, so it was short and varied, and seemed to go down ok. It was great to see so many friends there, from Brave New World band mates Mike and Chris, to talented photographer Jonathan White and Redshift Radio top peeps Paul Boniface and Steve Bebe.

I played:

1. Alisha

2. Till the Day I Die

3. The Source

4. Tracks of my Tears (Smokey Robinson cover)

Photograph from good friend and talented photographer Jonathan White.


Then, in the second half, the wonderful local band VaVoom! played a blistering set of rockabilly which really got everyone up dancing. I was in awe of the musicality of all three of the band, from the Scotty Moore meets Van Halen fret wizardry of the guitarist, to the rocking versatility of the upright bassman (Chris Large, who I later discovered makes his own GORGEOUS guitars ) and the solid drummer who effortlessly steered the ship. The locals absolutely loved them and wanted encore after encore.

Bass guitars, HANDMADE by incredibly talented local luthier and bass player Chris Large

Chris from Brave New World and his wife Ang dancing the night away to VaVoom!


All in all, a great night, and I’m very thankful to rotarians Michael and John for all their hard work and ever-reliable Liz from Redshift Radio for stepping in to do such a great job on the sound.
I hope the team raised a lot of money for a very important cause.


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