Further Into the Woods – Progress on my new album

 Over the last few weeks, whenever possible, I’ve been carrying on my work on new album ‘And Into the Woods.’

‘And Into the Woods,’ my new album-in-the-making.

I’ve (hopefully) finished recording all the parts now, including all the guitars, vocals, bass, percussion and anything else I can throw at it. My M.O for this album has been to try and keep it simple, and my lack of knowledge of Cubase (which I’ve been trying to teach myself the basics of along the way) and the 16 track maximum I could use has forced me to stay focused and try to stick within my boundaries.

Pushing myself out of my comfort zone, playing percussion and slide guitar, two things I have very little skill at!
Recording some Glockenspiel for the song ‘Sophie Draw’ in my kitchen.

Next up is the mixing process, which I always find one of the most challenging but fascinating things about recording. Trying to make each instrument stand out whilst trying to create a solid mix is something that is fun but obsession-forming. I’m a total novice at this, with no formal training; but learning about panning, compression, eq and all the other little tricks to bring a song to life is all part of the fun! This can all take a long time, and obviously working on a 12 song album with a family to look after is a bit of a ‘grab the time when you’ve got it’ kind of situation. But, little by little it’s starting to take shape!

The whole album (apart from the cajon parts) has been recorded in my kitchen!
All the pretty colours! Learning about how to edit and display the different tracks in Cubase.
My mixing set up in a busy family environment.
The ‘shit speaker’ test is an essential part of seeing whether the mix works well in different settings!
The ‘listen 10,000 times and still not be happy with it’ process begins!
Every time I open up a session and have a go at this, I’m learning a little something new. If you’d like to comment with any production tips of your own in the comments section below, please feel free, I’d be very grateful!

I have to say in conclusion how thankful I am for all the support I’ve had during the making of the album so far. To everyone who’s wished me well on it, liked or shared my posts, even lent me instruments, I’m forever grateful.

More updates to come hopefully soon!


2 thoughts on “Further Into the Woods – Progress on my new album

  1. I’ve heard different theories as to which slide sounds best on which types of strings and so on… did you try guitar slides made from different materials?
    I used to have a stainless steel one (which I bought without thinking about materials at all) but have no idea where it went! Keep meaning to take it up again.
    Can’t wait to hear And into the Woods 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I used a ceramic slide I got from a guitar show in Crewe, with my old beat up crafter acoustic. Gave it just the sort of raw, bluesy feel I wanted. It’s only on one song so look out for it!


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