On and Off the Rails: Live at Crewe Heritage Centre 210517

Today I was at the wonderful Crewe Heritage Centre for a special concert run by Creative Crewe called ‘The Big Event,’ incorporating some diverse and excellent local music in the huge echoey train hangar there.

I’ve lived in the area for years, but never set foot in the centre itself, so it was great to finally have a look around it and to play there too.

It was nice to be sandwiched between two of my all-time favourite locals; prolific Singer/Songwriter Dayve Dean and the always awesome BlueYellows. Both put on a great set to a small but appreciative audience.

Local legend The Dayve Dean and the BlueYellows.

It was also good to see some friends I hadn’t seen in ages, and I felt humbled that my folks, my wife, my stepdaughter and friends like the super-talented Paul Senior from local showstormers Baxter had come down especially to see me.

Unfortunately my old pals ‘stage-fright’ and ‘social anxiety’ turned up again as they have for the last few gigs I’ve done, and I struggled both with my confidence in playing and in connecting with the crowd this time, which was a shame. It’s nice that I’ve started being invited down to play with other musicians I admire from the local circuit, and this could have potentially been a good networking and sociable occasion if I hadn’t been struggling, so I did feel a little dejected and disappointed with myself. 

But overall, it was a fun gig; I loved the natural reverb of the huge hangar, I tried out a lot of new songs which all went down pretty well and I had a lot of support from friends and family, which I’m really grateful for.

I played:

  • And into the Woods
  • How the Other Half Lives
  • Midnight Logic
  • A Subtle Shock
  • Till the Day i Die
  • Sophie Draw
  • Alisha
  • You can Go Your Own Way (Fleetwood Mac Cover)

Thanks to everyone who came down and said such lovely things. And thanks to Creative Crewe for putting on a great concert today!


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