Acoustic Lounge, Poynton 26.05.17

Tonight saw me playing a double set at the wonderful Acoustic Lounge in Poynton.

The atmosphere was calm and the crowd were pretty quiet, especially for a Friday night; which I chose to take as enraptured awe rather than apathetic distain haha!

I’ve been feeling a bit disappointed with my live performances recently; the nerves have been biting hard and although I feel like my writing has greatly improved since my last album, my live renditions of them haven’t been half as good as I would have liked.

Tonight’s gig went some way to reigniting some sorely needed self-belief, if only relatively speaking, and it’s given me something to build upon. The sound was really clear and warm in the venue, the organisers and punters were all really friendly, and I had two sets to play, which meant I wasn’t getting in the zone just before the last song, which happens a lot in the shorter sets!

It was always going to be difficult playing mostly original songs to a crowd that had never heard them (no one I knew could make this one) but overall I feel it was a really positive experience and went a long way to restoring my faith that I CAN and SHOULD still play live!

Tonight I played:

Set 1:


She’s a Drug

And Into the Woods

I am a Rock (Paul Simon Cover)

A Curious Cure

A Subtle Shock

Heart of Gold (Neil Young Cover)

How the Other Half Lives

Midnight Logic


You Can Go Your Own Way (Fleetwood Mac Cover

Set 2:


Her New Addiction

Time After Time (Cyndi Lauder Cover)

The Mask Slipped

Holding Onto Life

The Source

Tracks of My Tears (Smokey Robinson Cover)

Till the Day I Die

I’m Just Gonna Be Me

Sophie Draw

You Can’t Keep a Good Man Down

A huge thank you to everyone who came down or wished me well from afar, and thanks also to C/Kallum for the sound!


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