Film Review: Lion

A young boy in 1980’s India tries to help his family to survive by stealing coal and anything else he can find with his older brother. 

When they start to work at night, he falls asleep, and losing his brother. He panics and gets on the next train he finds; unfortunately taking him 1,600Km from home.

He must find his way back, sleeping rough and surviving each peril that faces him.

He is eventually sent for adoption to a couple in Tasmania. At first he finds new happiness. But it isn’t long until the family adopt again, and this time the 2nd young boy is much more troubled and traumatised; and their happiness is shattered.

Skip forward 20 years and the young boy (now played by Dev Patel) now a grown man still feels the effects of his estrangement from his roots and his true family, and becomes consumed with finding them again. 

The drama at the beginning of the film hinges on the very young child actor; who thankfully is truly believable and thoroughly likeable. Dev Patel is equally relatable and brilliant in the adult role.

It’s a harrowing, but compelling tale, with superb direction and beautiful cinematography. 

Well worth watching.



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