Preview Track! – ‘Midnight Logic’

As I move towards the final stages of making my new album ‘And Into the Woods,’ I am hoping to preview each song with you, track by track.


You can already hear a live version of ‘How the Other Half Lives’ here.


Next up, its a very different sounding track, ‘Midnight Logic.’  This more gentle, sombre track explores how night and day can change our perception, and how we can find freedom in our dreams.



As always, I appreciate your feedback, so let me know what you think below, and thanks for listening.


One thought on “Preview Track! – ‘Midnight Logic’

  1. Love it Tim! As I’ve said elsewhere, I love how ethereal this track sounds, the backing vocals and other non-lyrical sounds seem unearthly but comforting rather than spooky.
    The instrumental bit towards the end is beautiful and really fits, perhaps like a descent into a deeper stage of sleep?
    The treatment on the track, e.g. on the backing vocals remind me a bit of two U.S. bands that I really like (though not the song itself); Dot Hacker and Warpaint.

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