As I move towards the final stages of making my new album ‘And Into the Woods,’ I am hoping to preview each song with you, track by track.



Next is an old song of mine, originally written in 2005 and played at nearly every gig I’ve done since, ‘Sophie Draw.’  I’ve recorded it several times over the last 12 years, but never felt it sounded right.  I’ve hopefully got a balance of acoustic guitar, bass, vocals and cajon to make it sound as good as I can get it now.



The song was originally written about the daughter of a friend of mine, and examines the pure wonder and joy that we have as children and somehow lose as we grow older.





I’d really appreciate your feedback, so let me know what you think below, and thanks for listening!




3 thoughts on “PREVIEW TRACK! – ‘SOPHIE DRAW’

    1. Many thanks Kay, glad you enjoyed it, and all the very best of luck to your son. He might relate to some of my other posts if you fancy sharing my blog with him. All the best and have a great weekend.


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