The Salty Dog 17.06.17

Tonight I played at a brand new venue in Northwich called The Salty Dog. As someone who lived in Northwich when the music scene was really suffering (as it was everywhere at the time), its great to see these new independent homegrown venues starting to spring up again, and the Salty Dog certainly didn’t disappoint, with its passionate staff and friendly audience.

This soppy doggy was my favourite audience member, and I couldn’t help but sing most of the set to him!

As with most weekend pub gigs it was a bit of a battle to hear myself over the crowds during the slower numbers, but during covers like ‘You Can Go Your Own Way’ (Fleetwood Mac) or ‘Heart of Gold’ (Neil Young) the audience were up for a singalong and gave my set a boost.

There were quite a few mates down from work as well which was nice to see and gave me a bit of a shot in the arm for confidence at trying to keep the weekend revellers entertained.

The problem I usually have with set lists is misjudging how many songs I can get in, so I usually have to shave a few tunes out of the sets. But through some miscommunication on my part I got to the end of my half an hour set to be informed by the sound guy I still had 25 minutes left! So I hastily added some last minute tunes on the spot, which thankfully went down fairly well.

Tonight I played:
1. She’s a Drug

2. I am a Rock (P.Simon)

3. How the Other Half Lives 

4. The Source

5. Tracks of My Tears (S.Robinson)

6. I’m Just Gonna Be Me

7. Till the Day I Die

8. Heart of Gold (N.Young)

9. A Curious Cure 

10. Midnight Logic

11. Alisha

12. You Can Go Your Own Way (F.Mac)

13. Sophie Draw

Photo courtesy of Martin Bagnall

I opened for the excellent The Grey Skys from Winsford; a mix of the Jam and the Small Faces, and again a very friendly and supportive band to support.

I was seriously coveting this guy’s beautiful bass!

A thoroughly fun night and great new venue I hope I get chance to play again.

Thanks to everyone who came along or supported from the sidelines.


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