I was down at the Alsager Music Festival this weekend, opening up the Acoustic Stage at Milton Park.
I’d played the festival once before, at the ‘fringe’ venue of the Lodge a couple of years ago, and found the audience to be a really positive and friendly one, so I was looking forward to playing again. 

My twin pre-gig demons were definitely out in force again unfortunately (one whispering ‘why are you still doing this, no one wants to see an old guy whining’ one whispering ‘come on, you’ve always wanted to play your own songs and you’re doing it now, so do good!’). I never know quite which ‘Tim’ is going to turn up at a gig, it’s a bit of a Russian roulette really, and I felt pretty anxious throughout most of the day to be honest. 

But I had no reason to be, as once again the audience were very supportive and a lot of familiar faces came down too, which helped squash the nerves. 

Awesome musicians, music lovers and friends Dave (from The BlueYellows) and Martin (from Cheshire Plane) who came to support my gig today.

There were a few mistakes along the way (when am I going to learn to rehearse rather than expecting everything to be ok on the day?!) but overall it went pretty well and I had a lot of fun playing a mixture of original old, older and new songs to an appreciative laid back crowd of mostly musicians or music lovers. Playing ‘Sophie Draw’ to my friend Martin’s incredibly cute granddaughter was a definite highlight, and it’s moments like this that you only get at a family friendly festival like this, which is one reason I love playing them.

I love playing to families of all ages at festivals like this! It was great to see my friend Martin’s super-cute granddaughter dancing along to the songs!

It was also great to run into talented young local songstress Emily Jones, and to grab my copy of her new E.P ‘A Cut to the Quick’, which I can’t wait to listen to! 

Talented local singer songwriter Emily Jones with her new E.P ‘A Cut to the Quick’

The other acts I watched were all exceptional also, especially ‘Strings Attached,’ the folk four-piece that followed me.

Four-Piece Folksters ‘Strings Attached’

Today I played:

1. And Into the Woods

2. She’s a Drug

3. How the Other Half Live

4. A Curious Cure (a tribute to the late great Ian Curtis, who’s birthday it is today)

5. Somehow

6. Modern Life Will Make You Ill

7. You Can Go Your Own Way (Fleetwood Mac cover)

8. I’m Just Gonna Be Me

9. Sophie Draw

Huge thanks to everyone who came down and supported me today.


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