Relish, Hartford 22.07.17

Tonight I was back at the friendly, intimate setting of Relish in Hartford for a ‘marathon’ 3 hour set for the local punters.

As I’m used to playing around 30 minutes to an hour it was pretty physically and mentally demanding and I was wrecked by the end of it; but it was nice to get to play so much of my material, including some songs I hadn’t played for years!

I was essentially ‘background music’ for a restaurant crowd, but they were respectful enough and seemed to enjoy the night and the music. For my part I kept it chilled and laid back.
The clientele were very varied, from families to couples to group nights out, which was fun. My favourite part of the night was definitely 2 young kids coming up and singing ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ with me at the beginning of the night, and this is one of the best things about these sorts of gigs.
On a side note it was also nice to play some electric guitar tonight as I brought out my black les paul copy which did its part well and I was chuffed with the tone it produced for such a cheap guitar.

Big thanks to Relish for another fun night.


One thought on “Relish, Hartford 22.07.17

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