South Cheshire’s Big Day Out 30.07.17

I was back at Dorfold Hall in Nantwich for the ‘South Cheshire’s Big Day Out’ event on the Redshift Radio Community stage today. After the Nantwich Show each year, the organisers leave some of the marquees set up to allow local charities to raise some awareness and showcase what they do.

It was another mixture of local community choirs, singers and me, sticking out somewhat, but I felt a lot more laid back about it than I did at the Nantwich Show, and the crowd for their part seemed to enjoy my songs.  

Thank you to Martin Bagnall for the photo.

It was also nice to catch up with the super talented Oli Ng, who was there with his lovely family to watch his mum singing in one of the choirs. 
Thanks to Liz and all at Redshift for organising the event, and thanks to everyone who came down. 🙂


5 thoughts on “South Cheshire’s Big Day Out 30.07.17

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