‘Urban Stage’ Concert, Crewe 05.08.17

Glyn (Colossus Studio), Steve (The Cat FM) and Martin (Rivers and Kidd), or should that be ‘speak no evil…’

It was an uncharacteristically sunny August day as I came down to Crewe town centre to play the last of a monthly ‘Urban Stage’ concerts for local This is the Cat radio station. I was supporting the wonderful Photo Booth Smile; who I’d heard touted loads of times as being a band to really watch, but up until today had never got to see. And I’m glad I did, as they really were a superb sounding band, and super friendly too; letting me borrow their guitar lead and plectrum after I had arrived completely disorganised (what’s new?!).

The EXCELLENT Photo Booth Smile, from Crewe.

This time I did have a bit of an excuse to be a bit ‘out of sorts’ however as I’d had a really bad night the night before (‘other days are better left unsung’ as my song ‘Somehow‘ puts it!) and only managed around 3 hours of fitful sleep. So I wasn’t sure how I was going to function on the day. But whilst usually it would leave me unprepared and ‘foggy,’ the emotions were high and I found it quite a cathartic experience going through the songs today and I felt I played and sang all the better for it. 

The audience was divided into the sweetest, most supportive faces (Steve from The Cat, Glyn from Colossus Studios, members of Rivers and Kidd, Baxter, We are Nomad and other great local bands I have the utmost admiration for, as well as other good mates I’d not seen in a while) and utterly bemused shoppers wondering what this racket in their town square was all about.

Mostly, I was doing this gig for me today. It was one of those gigs where I ‘needed’ to get the songs out. And I’m glad I did.

Huge thanks to everyone who came down and supported me today, I hope you enjoyed it too šŸ™‚

Somehow (Soundcheck)

And into the Woods

How the Other Half Lives

Midnight Logic

I am a rock (Paul Simon Cover)

She’s a Drug


You can Go Your Own Way (Fleetwood Mac)

Heart of Gold (Neil Young Cover)

I’m Just Gonna Be Me

Sophie Draw


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