Released on January 17th 1966, ‘Sounds of Silence’ was the breakthrough second album for Simon and Garfunkel.

After their first fully acoustic album Wednesday Morning 3am had failed to get them off the ground, the duo called it quits, with Paul moving to England to tap into the folk scene there and Art continuing with his studies. 

In their absence, Columbia staff producer Tom Wilson took the unsolicited action of dubbing a ‘rock’ backing band onto one of their songs, ‘Sound of Silence’ and rereleasing it. The first the duo would hear about this would be when it then skyrocketed up the charts and they heard their adapted creation on the radio!

The album that followed the single’s success, simply called ‘Sounds of Silence’ would showcase the pairs combination of dark and brooding social commentary, heart wrenchingly romantic and timeless songs and their new found folk-rock sensibilities, and would start their association as one of the most important voices of their generation.