Once you get talking about a seemingly random subject on social media it’s amazing how many other people you discover have a shared interest you had previously known nothing about!

Since last week when I confessed to my drunken purchase of an Atari ST(e), I’ve had a lot of kindness and interest thrown my way, and one friend in particular, the insanely generous and lovely Ian Cleverdon even messaged me offering me his old complete system, including a monitor, mouse, games and even his old music production gear!

So, just one week after a beer-fuelled nostalgia-trip and thanks to the kindness of friends, I now found myself in the possession of TWO Atari systems to work with!

The next step was to test everything out…and unfortunately that’s where this part of the journey stalled.

Both computers started up fine, made the right kind of noises and even loaded the main Atari home screen – which by itself was a HUGE nostalgia trip!

But alas none of the disks I tried (and I tried a LOT) seem to work so far. They either didn’t load at all, or loaded some sort of strange line configuration.

Next step is to try out a different monitor (my tv wire should arrive in the post soon so fingers crossed on the crt!)

Still not quite there, but thanks to the kindness of friends I’m a lot closer to my goal!