We..have…lift off!!

After a couple of weeks of aborted attempts, I prayed to the God of retro gaming (there must be one!) that the Atari lead I ordered off Ebay would by-pass all the vision issues I’d been having with the monitor (which up until recently only displayed the main desktop and a mess of lines and blocks when discs were inserted).

Thankfully it worked and I now have a gloriously green, incredibly nostalgic desktop and some games that actually work!!! No mean feat for a computer now reaching its 30’s.

Of course most of the games require a joystick, which I’ve yet to acquire, but it’s working enough at this stage that I can test which discs are working, so this is my next step.

So far I’ve tested half of these discs and a third of them work – I’ll let you do the maths on that one!

So, a big step forward in my project to relive my Atari ST youth; next up to test the rest of the discs and try and find a joystick.

Here are some of the highlights from the discs that are working so far, can’t wait to play these properly!