Who’s Next – The Who (1971)

After the expansive and far reaching rock-opera concept album of Tommy, Who principal songwriter Pete Townsend set his sights on an even bigger, more ambitious concept for the next. However, when the rest of the band and the management were left scratching their heads over Townsend’s overly complex idea, the Who returned to what they were best at; producing the most blistering rock tunes in Britain on what was to be probably their most consistently brilliant ‘non-concept’ album ‘Who’s Next.’

Combining ethereal synthesisers, face-melting guitar riffs, the most intricate rhythm section and emotional vocal delivery, Who’s Next is one of the best bands in British history at their peak.

From the album, in its full 8 minute entirety, here is the totally unique, untouchable and utterly spellbinding ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again.’

In particular, watch out for the drop down to the gorgeous synth part, before the band bring it all storming back in with one of the most iconic and orgasmic rock moments of all time!