I’m a HUGE Beatles fan, but their albums are always so damned expensive on record , so I only tend to get them when I find a bargain.

I found a copy of Let it Br for £6 at a fun independent record shop in Harrogate called P&C Music and the owner warned me it was pretty scratched up and so he was selling it a lot cheaper.

And I’m glad to report that although he was right and there were quite a few scratches on there, my new LP120 coped with it really well and it didn’t skip once! The sound quality is also surprisingly good, so I’m a happy camper indeed!

My thoughts on the album…I’ve always found this one a bitter/sweet listen as they weren’t on good terms during the making of it. That said, the one thing they always loved was playing together, and the live feel of the album plays to their natural chemistry perfectly.

There are also some absolute favourites on here like ‘Two of Us’ and ‘Across the Universe,’ as well as the notable classics like the title track and ‘The Long and Winding Road.’

Although this was their last release, I prefer to think of Abbey Road (which was recorded afterwards but released before) as their final swan song, as they had all decided to go out on an emotional and creative high on that superior album.

But although I don’t listen to this one as much, I’m always surprised when I return to it just how consistently good, and fun it is.