I was honoured to be asked tonight to play a charity gig for a very special charity who are raising money for a young girl called Neve.

The charity ‘Team Neve’ are aiming to raise £15,000 to provide life saving/ life giving therapy and treatment for young Neve, through different events like this one tonight. So I was chuffed to see that even though it was a ‘school night’ the Market Tavern in Sandbach was packed with enthusiastic music fans.

It was also great to see some of my favourite musicians (such as the wonderful Dayve Dean and the always excellent The BlueYellows) and friends there who I’ve not seen in ages, and although I was feeling a little flat after a long day they lifted my spirits and I had a fun night.

The total when we left was over £250, which is a great result, so I hope they made even more by the end of the night!

Please visit the just giving page to find out more and please consider giving whatever you can towards this crucial cause:


Tonight I played:


Love is Easy (debut!)

The Source



I’m Just Gonna Be Me

Sophie Draw

Thanks for reading and here are a few photos from the night:

And big thanks to Jonathan Tarplee, Dayve Dean, Martin Rivers and Jacqui Kidd for these extra photos!

Cheers to Jonathan Tarplee songwriter/musician for this video of my song ‘Somehow’ from last night’s gig.