Happy Autism Awareness Day.

For us, with 2 kids with autism, it’s a bittersweet thing I guess.

Every day is a challenge, and we are restricted and isolated at times because we can’t do what many other families do. That said however, both kids are amazing and we obviously love them loads, and I’ve learned so much from them both.

I’m also so lucky to work with some incredible students with autism, who help me to see the world through different eyes.

Although we’re incredibly lucky to have such understanding friends and family around us, autism is still one of the most misunderstood disabilities in society, and so much more awareness is needed.

Thank you so much for understanding my constant tiredness, my anti-social tendencies and my lack of patience at times. Thank you for being there for us when times are difficult and not judging us.

Big love and understanding this Autism Awareness Day.