Record Store Day is an annual event to show support for local independent record stores, which have seen a real resurgence in the last decade with the rise of vinyl sales.

It’s been going for about 12 years now, but only really showed up on my radar about 3-4 years ago and since that time I’ve tried each year if I can to show a bit of love for my local independent record shops in the area.

Here are my experiences over the last couple of years if you fancy a read:

Losing my Record Store Day Virginity (2017)

Celebrating Record Store Day (2018)

This year was more of a ‘low key’ affair, but I did get chance to play a gig at the all-kinds-of-awesome Electric Church Record Shop in Winsford, a labour of love run by top bloke and talented musician Jimi Ray Coppack.

The Electric Church has always been really supported to local bands and Jimi and the team at the record shop organised a full day of music to celebrate the day.

It was so heartwarming to see the independent record shop packed to the rafters for Record Store Day!

I had less technical issues than last time I played there and it was great to see the place packed out. I don’t know if my brand of depressing introspective tunes were what people wanted to hear as it was pretty noisy throughout my set, but I did have a few people come up to me afterwards and say how much they enjoyed the set and bought a cd.

Young fan Arthur grabs himself a copy of my cd – thanks for the support dude!

I didn’t really plan a set list but played a bit of a mixture as always:

  • She’s a Drug
  • Heart of Gold (Neil Young Cover)
  • It’s Like Falling in Love Again
  • You Can Go Your Own Way (Fleetwood Mac Cover)
  • Performance
  • Sophie Draw

I’ve had a bit of trouble in one ear for the last week or so, so I couldn’t hear too well, but I think it was a pretty good set and I enjoyed it.

Thanks to my good friend Theresa for the photo!

As it was Record Store Day I simple HAD to get something didn’t I?! I don’t tend to go for the exclusive releases from the day as they tend to be silly money, but I had a lead through and got myself a great Bjork and Siouxsie and the Banshees records I’d been after for a while, so I was happy with that.

Huge thanks to everyone who came down to support the event today!