Local singer/songwriter Will Riding’s music is one of those wonderful ‘hidden gems’ that is passed around from music fan to music fan; a quiet, unassuming but utterly charming sound that captivates in the most intimate of ways, feeling like a ‘personal discovery’ to everyone who hears it.  It never ‘shouts’ or demands; it permeates and enriches the listener and feels like a cherished find.

I was recommended Will’s music by a good friend and immediately invited him on to my local music show the Doorstep Mixtape (on Redshift Radio).  You can here him chat about his music and play some live songs here:


At the time he had just finished a lovely E.P called Ferry Lane, but I’m glad to say that he’s back with a brand new E.P and it’s certainly the most charming he’s produced so far.

Venus in Mohair is a 6 song ‘mini-album’/long E.P (depending on how you look at it!) full of heartfelt and arresting folk songs.  The stripped back acoustic guitar and vocals bring to mind other great folk storytelling troubadours like Bert Jansch, Tom Paxton or Ralph McTell in its’ use of emotional, satirical and shrewdly dense lyrics and it’s hypnotic finger-picked arpeggios throughout..

The stories that Will weaves on Venus in Mohair are spellbinding and gripping, whilst the wistful music makes you nostalgic for a time that never was.  Will’s voice has a vulnerability to it which when combined with the fairly quiet mix of the vocals in the mix can give the impression that this is a nervous or unsure singer at times; but once you are aware of the nature of his unique vibrato it only adds to the charm of his unique sound.

Each of the songs is a fully 3-dimensional story which pulls you in and keeps you hooked until the end, and I get the feeling that these beautiful songs will captivate the listener more and more on each listen.

Definitely worth a listen, so do yourself a favour and give it a listen now!

Here is the link again: