Art at its roots is all about individuals from a community expressing themselves through individual creative means. Well tonight I was lucky enough to be invited to be the ‘special guest’ for a highly eclectic and multi-disciplined group of artists, poets and musicians in one of the most unique nights I’ve played in a long time…the third ‘Artswarm’ night at Wistaston Memorial Hall.

The purpose of Mark Sheeky’s Artswarm is to encourage people to get creative on a given subject of the night; which in this case was ‘travel.’

I admit I am terrible at ‘writing to demand,’ and instead cheated awfully in making the most tenuous link to my songs about ‘Tulpas;’ how the ‘self’ ‘travels’ into the wider spiritual and digital worlds.

I admit that I felt anything but special in comparison to the other acts on the night, who were about as diverse and fascinating as you could hope for. There was a dizzying array of styles…from Russian poetry to slideshow memories, synth songs to audience participation games with a flying plastic horse…you had to be there!

Once again a huge thank you to Mark Sheeky for inviting me to play tonight, I had a lot of fun.