It’s fair to say it’s been a crazy week this week! Not that I’m complaining, I’ve had the chance to take part in so many things, and it’s been a welcome change from the rut I’d got myself into at the at the beginning of the year.

Monday saw me out with my students singing in Chester to raise money for their annual prom next week.

Tuesday was one of those ‘elements against you’ kind of days, where I tried desperately to finish off this academic year’s work with my students to little avail.

Wednesday had me making a fun radio show with a school who were on a ‘taster day’ at the college.

Thursday was the big one…taking part in and filming multiple shots of the Petty Pool Music Festival 2019, and then straight onto my radio show which I dedicated to the festival and live clips I’d edited. All-in-all a 15 hour work day!

Friday was spent editing the footage I’d got…squeezing down nearly 5 hours worth to just over 10 minutes…which actually took 5 hours to do!

Saturday saw me playing a ‘special guest’ slot at ‘Art Swarm 3’ poetry and music night.

Which brings me onto today, Sunday.

And my ‘office’ today was playing at a fundraiser for the ‘Our Space’Special Adventure Playground in Newcastle-Under-Lyme.

This place has been a life-line to my family over the last few years, so anything I can do to help it I will and I was chuffed to be invited back to play and hopefully help them raise a bit of money for their amazing cause.

It felt even more packed than last year, due no doubt in no small part to the scorching weather. There was a BBQ, family friendly activities and music throughout the day and I’m glad I got there early so I could really soak in the atmosphere and listen to some gorgeous acoustic music. It was great to see the kids up and dancing and having a great time.

I would usually be a bag of nerves before playing a gig, but I think my tiredness actually helped me feel a certain serenity in the sunshine and even some technical issues (bad battery, overheated mixing desk, overheated phone with setlist on it switching itself off) didn’t dampen my spirits and I had a really nice time playing to the families that had come to support the day.

I hope they raised loads of money for the amazing work that they do.

I played:

  • Performance
  • Love is Easy
  • Numb
  • Sophie Draw
  • Somehow
  • I’m Just Gonna Be Me
  • She’s a Drug
  • It’s Like Falling In Love Again
  • Alisha
  • Heart of Gold
  • You can Go Your Own Way