Tonight I got chance to appear on BBC Radio for the first time, thanks to the kindness of my friend Ken Kelly.

I first met Ken back in around 2004, when he was working as the head of AudioVisual Records; an Independent label in Liverpool. At the time I was a ‘wet behind the ears’ songwriter and I had sent some of my songs off to various indie labels in the vague hope that I might at least get some feedback.

The song ‘What Do You Say’ was a naive home production, but Ken asked if he could put it on a charity cd he was making for Hope House Hospice and of course I jumped at the chance!

The compilation featured many of the acts from the label, as well as little old me on one of my four track home recordings.

Fast forward nearly 17 years and I have remained friends with Ken; playing the odd ‘house gig’ that he has set up in Shropshire.

But I never expected that he would ask me to come and play on a show he was guesting on in Liverpool!

The occasion this time was a retrospective 2 cd collection from AudioVisual Records, celebrating 2 decades of their releases.

I was a bit unsure how worthy of being asked I was…having not been from Liverpool and not being one of the bigger acts on the label by a long stretch. But Ken assured me…

Nooooo. Tim I’ve picked you for lots of different reasons not least because your a fantastic performer and a great songwriter😀. Your also very modest and underestimate how good you are😀.

So with those kind words I could hardly say no, and was booked into the wonderful Spencer Leigh Show.

It’s a bit of a trek to Liverpool from where I live, but I managed to make the various public transport and got there in the nick of time.

Ken and me were joined by a fascinating film producer who has just finished working on a documentary about the history of the infamous Cavern Club and was in to chat about it with Spencer too.

Ken talked about the history of the label and I was asked to play a few live songs, including the original song from AudioVisual (‘What Do You Say?’) which was so old I had to teach it to myself haha!

I also played acoustic versions of ‘Sophie Draw’ and new song ‘Performance.’

HUGE thanks to Spencer Leigh for a really fun show and for Ken for giving me the opportunity!

Thanks also to everyone who tuned in and wished me well 🙂

Hopefully it won’t be the last chance I get to play on the mighty Beeb.

Here’s the listen again link on BBC Sounds: